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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Poems and Reports!

Doesn't it make you feel good when you think you've been heard? Thank you Thomas! You explain our poem criteria very well! Link

Marc, thank you for your Report on our school ... First to complete it (and I agree that it is a great school to be in!) I'm really looking forward to reading the other finished reports!

Thank you too, to Laura, for all her help and hard work today ( see you next week) ... we'll work on getting the other 'Bubbleshare' pics displayed before your return!!

Please comment here!


Edwin Elf said...

Your blog is superb and there are so many fabulous writers, interviewers and poets! Can you help...... I am a lonely elf in Lapland and I need to convince the boss ( Santa ) that I can be promoted to a chief elf responsible to Santa for Christmas deliveries. I need letters of reference.I am a handsome elf who is proud of his winter outfit, I make magical toys and I know my world maps really well. I also have my sledge and reindeer licence. Please write on my behalf. Thank you all .... Edwin Elf

Mr Barrett said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog - Priestsic6 - we are publishing some of our poems today. So watch out soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edwin Elf i'm one of the boys in 7V i wa sjust wondering if you could tell us a little bit more about is it really cold over there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Edwin I am another boy in P7V thanks for commenting on our blog comment back if you like it.


Anonymous said...

dear edwin

are you are a real elf?
i would love to talk to you please could you leave me a contact so i can post messages to you. IF you keep checking my imaginative writing page ,will write a letter to santa to say that you are a very useful elf.