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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back on Track!

It's been very quiet on the Blog recently ..... but we're back!

We're also at http://carronshore.edublogs.org/ - the class helped to choose the template. What do you think?

The videos didn't travel well and a lot of other things need fixing ..... we're working on it!

It would also be nice to stay here where we know how thing work! :-)

...... And our reply to our Dingwall friends will be posted soon (we got it wrong today!!)

1 comment:

Mrs P and 5/6P AllStars said...

Poor Mrs Vass and P7 - this blog is just soooooo beautiful. We love it, especially the bubblr pictures and the videos. You must have been so upset when this blog was blocked. We are sure though, that it won't be long before your edublogs blog is looking just as perfect! Keep up the great work - it really IS worth it :)

Mrs P and 5/6P AllStars