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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Famous .... by default!

Mr Barrett from Priestsic6 Primary helped us put a great 'Google Earth' link on our blog when we first set it up ... and now he's been shortlisted for an Edublog Award for the best wiki! (I've now cast my vote)

I noticed that Carronshore Primary is mentioned on his wikispace (I'd asked him for help to put the link on our Blog and the link is still there .... so we're famous!).

The sad thing is that I ended up taking the link off our Blog because it was blocked at school and the children were never able to see it. I've resored it again and have put a link to it in the margin on the right as well ..... we'll need to ask the 'powers that be' to unblock it so that the pupils can enjoy it!!

Click the link here!
Google Earthed


Inchinnan Primary School said...

We love this! Such a great idea. Please share with us how to do it. It is so cool how different people pick up our posts and link us all together. We are enjoying reading your posts. Thanks.

p7 teach said...

I've copied and pasted the instructions from the mr Barrett's class site

A quick How To...
To add your KML file - ensure that you have located your school in GE and add the blog link to the placemark. Save this placemark by right clicking and choosing "Save As". Save it to your desktop or somewhere else you can get to it easily.
Now go over to "KML Dump" in this wiki - see link on left. Click on the "Add Image" icon after clicking "Edit Page". Browse to the KML or KMZ file and upload this to the wikispace.
Put the cursor below the last entry and double click your file from the box - if you can't see it after uploading you may need to choose "Files Only" from the check boxes at the top.
Your file should be added to the page as a link.
Copy this link location using right click - use this on the main page when linking from a GE icon like mine (just copy my icon and change the link information) or your school's name.
Highlight your school's name or icon and choose the "Add link" button - paste the copied link into the "External Links" at the bottom (be sure to remove the http:// as it is added for you)
Let me know via the discussion if I can help in any other way. :)

Hope this helps!!